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Florence Housing Service website is created to fulfill requests for short-term leases coming from members of the European University Institute. Florencehousingservice.com listings are available for ONE to SIX months rental period. FHS negotiated with owners so that rental fees are meant to be cheaper for EUI clientele than those available on the normal touristic market.

Please carefully read the following instructions to experience the best performance from Florencehousingservice.com
- Carefully read the property details: on each property’s page you can find services provided and facilities available
- Check the property location: general information about public transport is provided. It is advisable to know exactly in which one of the EUI buildings you will be located to pick the right location.
- All listed properties are not available for viewings

- Check prices before renting:
❖ Monthly Rent does not include utilities.
❖ Utilities are specified as a separate monthly fixed fee to be paid together with and on top of the rent.
❖ The Weekly Rent includes utilities.
❖ The shortest possible booking period is equal 3 weeks.
❖ In case you need to make a reservation for 1 month and two weeks this is how the total will be
calculated: i.e., booking from May 20th to June 30th will be equal to 1 monthly fee + utilities + 2 weekly



- How does it work: Once you fill in the Rent-now form and submit your request, the selected property will be put on hold for you for 48 hrs. Make sure you fill-in the privacy authorization form, provide a scan copy of your passport and your EUI affiliation letter. You will then receive your rental lease to be completed with your data and you should sign it.

- Proceed with the payment of the holding deposit (it amounts to 30% of the total due for your period) using the owner’s bank data as indicated in your rental lease. The booking procedure is concluded after this payment. Therefore, you will receive via email from rentals@florencehousingservice.com the owner’s contacts so that you can make your arrangements for your check-in. MAKE SURE TO HAVE PREVIOUSLY EMAILED YOUR ITALIAN TAX CODE. IN CASE FHS WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR CODICE FISCALE, A PENALTY EQUAL TO € 50,00 WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT.

- Withdraw: If you withdraw or cancel your reservation from this moment on, the owner will keep the holding deposit.

- PAYMENTS: First month rent + utilities are due to be paid upon your check in. The remaining payments are due on the same date. The holding deposit will now work as your security deposit and will be returned via bank transfer within 3 days after your checkout. The amount for the final cleanings and eventual damages caused by you, will be deducted from that amount.

- Provide your EUI award letter: each property can be rented free of charge to all EUI members who provide affiliation letter related to the period of lease. Non-EUI members or members who cannot provide valid affiliation letter will be charged a commission of 10% of the total lease plus VAT to be paid to Florence Housing Service.

- Be responsive: The reservation process is intended as a quick and easy procedure, if we do not receive any feedback from you through the steps for 48 hours, the request will be discarded, and your reservation will be
cancelled. In case you need to extend your permanency, book the flat for another date (even on behalf of a friend) you should contact FHS first, and then the owner.

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